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DATE: 2010-03-31 / FILED UNDER: Nyheter


Den 29/3 började alla Bieber fans twittra #ripapril. Det vart tillochmed ett TT (Trending Topic). Hon gick på Lakota East High School i Ohio och älskade Justin. När hon skulle gå över vägen blev hon påkörd av en buss och dog på direkten.
Hennes riktiga namn var April Phann och hon skulle se Justin i Cincinnati i juni. Hon twittrade under namnet "bieberdollbabe"

Nu har alla Beliebers gjort en petition där dom vill att Justin ska skriva en låt om April.
 “A terrible thing has happened, a true fan of our Bieber family, April Phann (@bieberdollbabe) was tragically killed in a bus accident. She was about to turn 16, and her one and only wish was to go to one of Justin’s concert. But now, that dream will never come true. So, I created the petition, to make a difference,” börjar namninsamlingen med.
“Let’s let April sit happy in heaven, and get JUSTIN BIEBER to write/dedicate a song to her. Sometimes we wonder why awful things like this happen, and there’s never an answer, but its up to us to do something about it. So please sign it, and make this happen! Do it for April, a true belieber, who had one dream that’ll never happen,” the petition concludes.

Hon fick ialla fall ett tweet från Justin..

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