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DATE: 2012-05-27 / FILED UNDER: Paparazzi bilder

Justin och Selena IDAG

Name: Anonym

Vad hände

Date:2012-05-27 - Time:23:36:34
Name: Anonym

blev han överkörd eller vad :OOOO

Date:2012-05-27 - Time:23:42:00
Name: Anonym

hans slogs med en paps...kolla på twitter

Date:2012-05-27 - Time:23:52:26
Name: Anonym

Jag har ej twitter kan någon bereta

Date:2012-05-27 - Time:23:59:40
Name: JelenaFan

Här är förklaraingen från ett vittne “ The paps were blocking his car and wouldnt move, he got mad after asking them to move, justin tried to knock their camera..the pap and justin both fell off the curb, he lost his shoe and hat while fighting him, selena and justin left and came back... because selena lost her phone, and the paps would not get out of her face, and then they left and now the paps are trying to get money from the whole thing. she was super upset and trying to calm him "... from a girl who was there

hoppas det klarar upp saker :)

Date:2012-05-28 - Time:02:14:09
Name: Fiffi

En papparatzi sa en elak sak till Selena

och Justin blev arg och slog papparatzin

Date:2012-05-28 - Time:17:23:20
Name: Agnes

Papparazzin sa "go fuck herself" då blev Justin galen och slog han i ansikte och sparka han på benet.

Date:2012-05-28 - Time:18:58:03
Name: Emma

haha älskar hans byxor med dollarsedlar! pojken med guldbyxorna re-imagined typ! :D

Date:2012-05-28 - Time:20:52:49
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