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DATE: 2010-05-30 / FILED UNDER: Nyheter

Rick Ross döper sin MC till Justin Bieber

Den Amerikanska rapparen Rick Ross har döpt sina fordon efter Rihanna, Oprah och Lindsay Lohan. Nu har han döpt sin motorcykel efter Justin!
“I got the Lambo, that’s the Justin Bieber” sa Rick till om sin blåa Lamborghin, “It was new to the game. It was the new phenom.”

Precis som Justin dras alla tjejer till hans snygga MC säger han.. “The ladies scream for Justin Bieber, and that’s what they do when I pull up in that thing with my hat cocked.”

Name: beatrice

hahahha ofta xD

Date:2010-05-30 - Time:20:34:06
Name: josse


Date:2010-05-30 - Time:21:12:03
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