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DATE: 2013-06-24 / FILED UNDER: Blandat


@justinbieber And iiiiiii will always love u @scooterbraun bromance is okay 

@justinbieber Youuuu!!!
@justinbieber Erv listening to #heartbreaker
@justinbieber I let him borrow my shirt lol 

@justinbieber #whyigottafallandcutmyneckbeforeaphotoshoot fun
@justinbieber Blue is new and u are too a few shoes have shown me clues my crew also knew that zoos have news I'm a poetic genius  

justinbieber @champagnepapi my brother 
Posted by Elina 

Name: Alan

Spana in Nicki Minaj bröst - endast på (:

Date:2013-06-24 - Time:16:29:49
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